06 July, 2012

Higginbotham At Large Welcomes Your Job Search Questions

A few days ago a fellow board member told me I should re-introduce myself to the Kanawha County Workforce Investment Board and write a little bio to remind them of why I was appointed to the WIB in the first place. 

OK, I'll do that in a moment but first I want to invite my fellow WIB members to submit suggestions about the topics I should write about on my blog. 

As my regular readers know, I already write a considerable number of posts about job search and career topics but now that I'm on the WIB I  think I should do more. 

Send your topic suggestions or job search questions to JosephHigginbotham@gmail.com.

Here's why I'm qualified to write about job search:

Over the past few decades I've earned a considerable percentage of my income by finding executive and technical talent for clients. I'm not a "recruiter I'm an executive search consultant or "headhunter".

I've found architects, engineers, sales reps, licensed healthcare professionals of all types and managers at all levels of responsibility for both private and publicly-traded companies.

I've served as an expert panelist for college career counseling departments, an on-air job search guest expert for radio stations, a job search workshop presenter/facilitator and, of course, I've written job search and career articles for magazines.
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