24 July, 2012

Two Alabama Public TV Executives Fired By Theocratic, Tea Party Affiliated, Activist Commissioners File Civil Suit

Thanks to Chuck Anziulewicz for the following update in the case of the 2 Alabama Public Television executives who were fired by Tea Party affiliated, theocratic, activist APT commissioners. According to the DemocraticUnderground.com story Chuck sent me, the two fired executives, Allan Pizatto and Pauline Howland, have filed a civil suit.

' "According to the lawsuit, “certain members of the Commission wanted to impose their own personal, political and religious views” on the commission and staff to guide the station’s programming, and at least one commissioner “has publicly expressed support for and aligned himself with a political group with a stated goal of defunding public broadcasting.” The Plaintiff also notes that a mass exodus of staffers and fundraisers followed the firings and that a number of commissioners “made threats against the Plaintiff.” ' - source: DemocraticUnderground.com.

For more on how theocrats are trying to use taxpayer funded, public broadcasting to advance their political and religious agends, see my 23 July, 7 June and 20 January posts.

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