13 July, 2012

Breaking Bad Season 5 : Predictions

When the Charleston Gazette's Amy Robinson wrote her Breaking Bad season 5 tease, she inspired me to offer some Breaking Bad season 5 predictions.

Warning, if you are a new Breaking Bad addict and you're trying desperately to watch seasons 1-4 before the season 5 premiere (10PM Sunday July 15) this is a spoiler alert. I can't make my season 5 predictions without mentioning things that happened in seasons 1-4.

First, we're going to find out that, despite killing Gus Fring and destroying his superlab, Walt's season 4 finale declaration that he has "won" is premature. The Germans,  the people at Madrigal Electromotive GmbH  who bankrolled the superlab, are not going to be happy that Walt destroyed their superlab and killed their drug kingpin. If Walt has "won", where's the season 5 tension? No, Walt hasn't won. The Germans are coming.

Second, I predict that Walt's brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader, will figure out that the elusive "Heisenberg", maker of the 99% pure blue meth, is Walter White and, I predict that Hank will NOT arrest Walt. He'll look the other way because, Breaking Bad's recurring theme was summarized in a flashback scene from Season 3 episode 7 when Tio Salamanca horrifyingly taught future cartel hit men, Leonel and Marco Salamanca , that "family is all". 

I have a running argument with some of my friends about this last prediction. Some Breaking Bad addicts don't think Hank is smart enough to figure out that "Heisenberg" is Walter White. But while it's true that Hank isn't exactly an intellectual, he has shown that he is a pretty good investigator - and he already has all the clues he needs to put the puzzle together. I mean, the season one "break-in" at the high school science lab gave Hank reason to suspect Walt but Hank simply can't follow the clue trail to Walt because, well, Hank can't see Walt as a criminal. I predict that in season 5 Hank will amass such overwhelming evidence that Walt is the elusive “Heisenberg” that he will have to decide whether to arrest Walt or look the other way. I say he will look the other way because “family is all.”
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